photographs on iphone grid

I caught a strange object moving towards the Moon. Could it be a star, a meteor or UFO? (see 00:29 onwards).

Reviewing footage I noticed an object, first in a still image at 21:22 GMT. As I looked through subsequent video and photos I could see the object appear to move closer to the Moon over a period of 23 minutes on the 4th February 2020.

Initially I thought it was a distant star or planet but as the Moon was very bright I was not so sure a star or planet would show up so close in the glare. Could this be a meteor moving towards the Moon or something else?

Then on 18th February whilst watching a video on ‘The Urban Astronomer’ YouTube Channel about the Moon Occulting Mars I noticed similarities to my footage so I posted my question in the Comments Section. A very short while later I had my reply and possible answer all the way from Bengaluru, India. Using Stellarium for near my location here in Dorset, UK Vineeth was able to find a star being occulted around that time. This is the Internet at its best providing a global forum for sharing ideas and information.

Of course I would have loved to have found an amazing alien craft landing on the Moon but that will have to wait for another clear night…


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