Angel lantern sculpture

Lantern making is a fun way to explore sculptural ideas without expensive materials or tools.  Watch as your ideas take shape, then change character as darkness falls.  I found this process extremely satisfying and somewhat addictive.  The tactile nature of withy selection and how quickly eyes and hands become synchronised in carrying out the work.  Approaching the bundle I often feel attracted to a particular withy that usually turns out to be just the right one.  Stroking and stretching, twisting and winding.

This Angel Lantern was my very first lantern.  I remember returning from the first session with a small pyramid shape frame of withies and a bundle of extras I had brought home.  I stayed up until after midnight and without any plan I found my ‘Sophia’ sitting on the kitchen table the next morning.

A few weeks later she led the procession up the nave of Christchurch Priory.




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