red chilli peppers

Intense red and a mild heat chilli that is fun to grow, eat or decorate with.  A few seeds on a sunny windowsill from February onwards will sprout in 2-3 weeks ready for transplanting into individual pots. Choose vigorous plants for potting on as they are ready. Peppers love free draining compost with a sprinkling of bonemeal.  Extra seedlings can be given away or recomposted.

I like to keep Pepper plants in a warm sunny spot. A patio is perfect as the embedded heat will released by paving during the night keeping roots warm.  In open ground I use miscanthus grass as a mulch to reflect light.  Feed regularly and remulch with fresh compost as necessary.

The fruits can be picked at green or red stage. Chillis can be stored in the freezer or dried for later use.  Take care when handling or eating chillis.

My favourite winter warmer is Celeriac Gratin with chilli peppers.

Peel and thinly slice the Celeriac. Rub sliced garlic around inside of baking dish.  Layer celeriac in baking dish with sliced red chillis scattered through. Pour over some cream/milk, season as required.

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