Going beyond initial images, producing mosaic-tiled effects of repetitive pattern and creating patterns exploring constraint and scale.

Moonwave – Blending two of my passions, the moon and shadow-play.

Moon Bats Birds Bugs

moon through clouds

Seeing is Believing? Moon Bats, Birds and Bugs can easily be mistaken for UFOs. Once you give something an identity is it no longer unidentified.

Reviewing footage from the past year or so I found a few examples and thought that it would be fun to put them together in a short compilation. If seeing really is believing then we need really good sight to understand exactly what we are seeing. When we open our eyes to the full spectral reality around us things appear that can make us question our beliefs. Light transfers information at multiple frequencies and at various angles. Reality is a combination of the two (frequency and angle) giving us time and space in which we construct our own perspective.

Shot from Dorset, UK using a basic telescope and my mobile phone.

Low tech – BIG HEART


Star? Meteor? UFO?

photographs on iphone grid

I caught a strange object moving towards the Moon. Could it be a star, a meteor or UFO? (see 00:29 onwards).

Reviewing footage I noticed an object, first in a still image at 21:22 GMT. As I looked through subsequent video and photos I could see the object appear to move closer to the Moon over a period of 23 minutes on the 4th February 2020.

Initially I thought it was a distant star or planet but as the Moon was very bright I was not so sure a star or planet would show up so close in the glare. Could this be a meteor moving towards the Moon or something else?

Then on 18th February whilst watching a video on ‘The Urban Astronomer’ YouTube Channel about the Moon Occulting Mars I noticed similarities to my footage so I posted my question in the Comments Section. A very short while later I had my reply and possible answer all the way from Bengaluru, India. Using Stellarium for near my location here in Dorset, UK Vineeth was able to find a star being occulted around that time. This is the Internet at its best providing a global forum for sharing ideas and information.

Of course I would have loved to have found an amazing alien craft landing on the Moon but that will have to wait for another clear night…



Exploring the lunar landscape from more than 300,000km away can play tricks on the eye.  Lush vegetation, buildings and roads criss crossing the surface make for some fantastical stories.  Many cultures have legends about the moon and its inhabitants.  Some say the moon is an egg or maybe an artificial satellite that brought our distant ancestors.