Going beyond initial images, producing mosaic-tiled effects of repetitive pattern and creating patterns exploring constraint and scale.

Moonwave – Blending two of my passions, the moon and shadow-play.

Seeing is believing.


If seeing is believing then light gives shape and meaning to much of what we believe about our reality.

Whether visible light or light beyond our spectrum it is a magical mystery that needs more exploration. ┬áModern technology allows us to see parts of the spectrum we previously had no idea of, from night vision goggles to The James Webb Space Telescope our universe is expanding the deeper and deeper we look into it. Or maybe we are just shrinking…

Electric Rooftop

rooftops tile

Here I celebrate my old friends, roof and chimney. A series of images showing my low-tech way of producing quirky photos of the world around me. I revisit the same objects again and again trying to translate emotions and relationships through colour and form.
If you look through my work you will find the chimney/rooftop theme is close to my heart. The roof gives us shelter and the chimney keeps us warm, basic human needs that should never be taken for granted.

Shine Out!


Capturing the light at the moment of my listening, responding to part of an interview about stifled creativity.

Tip of the hat to:

  • Rex Bear – Leak Project
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