Massive red giant star with high proper motion. 36 light years from Earth.

Mythology – in the past was called Bear Guard as it was closer to Ursa Major & Ursa Minor. Currently Arcturus is in Bootes Constellation. Rewind 80,000 years to place Arcturus in Ursa Major/Ursa Minor.

Edgar Cayce said that our Sun orbited Arcturus – this could work in EU if we were travelling along same filament winding around Arcturus not orbiting it.

Ancient Polynesian Navigators called Arcturus the Star of Joy and used it to travel between Tahiti and Hawaii. Keeping Arcturus overhead travelling west on trade winds to Hawaii then travelling east & west until Arcturus overhead to return to Tahiti.

2,000 years ago at the Spring Equinox Arcturus culminated directly overhead at 31’ latitude. Cairo is at 30’ and Bethlehem at 31.7’.

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