Growing stronger everyday.

peas in a bowl

Colours growing stronger every day.

As mid-summer approaches plants are beginning to throb with energy as they fill out and up.  Pumpkins heading off on their path towards Halloween’s ghosts and ghouls.  Peas popping up all over the place providing green pearls of goodness for salads, stir fries, roasts and risottos.  I can’t mention Peas without a nod to Mint.  Snip, tear or chop over peas, potatoes and salad.  If you don’t want to wait for dinner to enjoy the fresh taste and smell of Mint pick some sprigs and add them to a long cool drink.  With so many varieties of Mint available you can tweak flavours as you choose.

This is my first year picking Asparagus and the wait has been worth it.  My only complaint is that I had never previously tasted Asparagus in its full glory, i.e. when it is cut and eaten the same day or hour, preferably.  Asparagus has a six week picking window that is just coming to an end so I will have to wait another year for the pleasure of even more Asparagus to eat.  Next year there will be double the quantity of Asparagus as my second bed, planted 2 years ago, will be ready to crop. 

Early Chard has been a pleasure at many mealtimes already this year and the colourful Bright Lights variety brings flashes of colour in a sea of green.  There is a froth of softer white flowers in amongst the peas and Broad beans with more pods for picking every day.  Tiny yellow flowers appearing on the tomato plants and large deep throated Courgette flowers waiting to welcome pollinators. 

Now I’m dreaming of stuffed courgette flowers over flames as the Solstice Sun tips back South. 

Seeing is believing.


If seeing is believing then light gives shape and meaning to much of what we believe about our reality.

Whether visible light or light beyond our spectrum it is a magical mystery that needs more exploration.  Modern technology allows us to see parts of the spectrum we previously had no idea of, from night vision goggles to The James Webb Space Telescope our universe is expanding the deeper and deeper we look into it. Or maybe we are just shrinking…

Season cycles continue.


Wet grey days are perfect for tidying seed packets and making plans for 2020.  Alliums are sprouting despite the shorter days promising sweet smelling garlic to fill the kitchen next Autumn.  Roast dishes are a great way to celebrate winter vegetables and stay warm at the same time.  Add some sprigs of Rosemary, Thyme and Bay for an extra bonus of uplifting essences.  From dirt under your nails to fresh food on your plate the benefits of growing just keep piling up.

Angel Lantern

Angel lantern sculpture

Lantern making is a fun way to explore sculptural ideas without expensive materials or tools.  Watch as your ideas take shape, then change character as darkness falls.  I found this process extremely satisfying and somewhat addictive.  The tactile nature of withy selection and how quickly eyes and hands become synchronised in carrying out the work.  Approaching the bundle I often feel attracted to a particular withy that usually turns out to be just the right one.  Stroking and stretching, twisting and winding.

This Angel Lantern was my very first lantern.  I remember returning from the first session with a small pyramid shape frame of withies and a bundle of extras I had brought home.  I stayed up until after midnight and without any plan I found my ‘Sophia’ sitting on the kitchen table the next morning.

A few weeks later she led the procession up the nave of Christchurch Priory.