Electric Rooftop

rooftops tile

Here I celebrate my old friends, roof and chimney. A series of images showing my low-tech way of producing quirky photos of the world around me. I revisit the same objects again and again trying to translate emotions and relationships through colour and form.
If you look through my work you will find the chimney/rooftop theme is close to my heart. The roof gives us shelter and the chimney keeps us warm, basic human needs that should never be taken for granted.


Exploring the lunar landscape from more than 300,000km away can play tricks on the eye.  Lush vegetation, buildings and roads criss crossing the surface make for some fantastical stories.  Many cultures have legends about the moon and its inhabitants.  Some say the moon is an egg or maybe an artificial satellite that brought our distant ancestors.


Froggy Friends

My little froggy friend enjoying a cool damp break from the summer sun.  I use trimmings to mulch and leave rotting stump piles around for everyone to enjoy.  Passing the pond I notice lots of pairs of eyes peering at me from above the duckweed.  Some may have started as frogspawn here in the pond whilst others have come to catch up on frog gossip and enjoy the water.  I love sitting quietly while they go about their lives and if I’m really lucky I might catch sight of a magnificent leaping frog off on a jaunt.

Shine Out!


Capturing the light at the moment of my listening, responding to part of an interview about stifled creativity.

Tip of the hat to:

  • Rex Bear – Leak Project
  • clif high – halfpasthuman.com